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Westerham Audit Ale


Westerham Audit Ale
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Gluten Free

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Gold medal at the International Beer Challenge 2015

Gluten Free Beer

A strong ale, brewed to the 1938 strength and using the same ingredients as the original best selling bottled beer of the Black Eagle Brewery. We brewed this beer for the 2nd SIBA South East of England beer festival and the beer took the Gold Medal in the strong ales category. Since then Audit Ale has gone on to win a range of regional and national awards including Supreme Champion Cask Beer two years in a row.
Made with pale and crystal malts and huge charge of Kent Goldings hops.
Bottle Conditioned
Using a proprietary method we have been able to reduce the gluten content of the beer to less than the WHO’s Codex Alimentarius determined level of 20ppm or less of gluten.

ABV: 6.2%

Size: 330ml