Cointreau Liqueur 35cl Fizz Gift Pack

Cointreau is a unique blend of sweet and bitter orange peels, produced in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, France by Edouard Cointreau in 1875 with traditional methods to obtain a perfect orange liqueur with the best natural orange aromas.

The recipe uses just 4 natural ingredients (water, sugar, alcohol and orange peels) and has not changed since its creation by Edouard Cointreau.

This Cointreau glass pack comes with a 35cl bottle of Cointreau as well as a branded, Cointreau glass, presented in a lovely Cointreau packaged gift box.
Country France
ABV 40%
Size 35cl
Type / Colour Liqueur
Style Orange

1 Bottle
1 Bottle

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Why customers buy from Cheers

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