Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon

A popular brand of bourbon from Kentucky, U.S.A., where it has been produced since 1783. Rich with vanilla and caramel on the nose which continues on the palate, it's produced by the Heaven Hill company in Kentucky.

On the nose, caramel apples, spearmint, black pepper. A light hint of corn sits in the background. A slightly spicy kick of clove.

The palate shows flavours of juicy raisins and walnuts. Creamy vanilla at the core, with an underpinning hint of vegetal oak. Zesty orange oil. Leading to a finish which is quite spicy, with drying notes of cinnamon bark and pine nuts.

Country U.S.A
Region Kentucky
ABV 43%
Size 70cl
Type / Colour Whisky
Style Bourbon

1 Bottle
1 Bottle

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Why customers buy from Cheers

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