Garage Beer Co. Riba Pilsner

A round and pleasantly bitter Pilsner with high drinkability!

A true German Style Pilsner. Brewing great Pils is about paying attention to all of the small details and being meticulous in process. Garage Beer Co. start with 100% reverse osmosis water to allow a water profile perfect for brewing this style. Adding in only the necessary minerals allows us to achieve the crisp and soft palate that a beer like this should have. 

Then they use 100% Pilsner malt from Bamberg to give gentle bready notes. Hop selection sees a trifecta of absolutely stellar German hops. Two classic noble hops; Hallertau Mittelfruh and Tettnang provide beautiful herbal, floral and slight lemon zest notes which are perfectly complimented by a more modern German variety; Saphir. A delightful hop that marries some classic noble like characteristics with zingy tangerine notes. While not dry hopped, we pack the whirlpool full of these hops so this beer is not short on hop character.

The beer is cast away to fermentation where it meets Garage Beer Co's house Bavarian lager yeast. They ferment this as low as possible for a long slow fermentation that yields an extremely clean and crisp pils once the extended lagering process is complete. Towards the end of fermentation the beer gets spunded to achieve an elegant carbonation.

Country Spain
ABV 5%
Size 330ml
Type Unfiltered Pilsner
Vegan Yes

1 Can
1 Can
6 Cans

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Why customers buy from Cheers

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