Mor Ladron Organic Spiced Rum Bundle 3

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Organic rum made from the finest organic Molasses and rested in reclaimed oak barrels on Gower and infused with orange, vanilla, spices and foraged gorse flower. 

This bundle includes one Mor Ladron Cut Glass Tumbler and a Mor Ladron Miniature 5cl.

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A rum that fits with Gower's pirate past.

The shipwrecks, placenames and hideaways on the  Gower Peninsula reveal the area's pirate history.   The hidden coves on Gower and its remote location provided the perfect place for pirates to operate.

In Port Eynon, where Môr-Ladron rum is aged there is Culver Hole, an ancient cave with a 60ft stone wall in front.   It might have been built as a dovecote but most likely to was used to store smuggled goods.  Local rumours tell of a hidden tunnel which allowed local pirates such as John Lucas to transport the booty to the Salt House.   John Lucas had a reputation as Port Eynon's Robin Hood, robbing the rich to support the poor.

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Country Wales
Region Gower
ABV 40%
Size 5cl
Type / Colour Rum and Glass
Style Spiced

1 Miniature and 1 glass
£22 £24.95
1 Miniature and 1 glass
£22 £24.95

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Why customers buy from Cheers

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