I'd like to say how helpful Cheers has beenů
Angie, Swansea

About us

Over the last twenty years Cheers has grown into a thriving wine merchants, selling wine online to customers across the UK whilst also seeing a huge increase in sales through our shop in Swansea.

Cheers also supplies many businesses in and around Swansea and regularly caters for Weddings and Parties with discounts available for bulk orders.

If you would like to find out how Cheers could help you with wine for a party, wedding or business function, or to discuss discount on a bulk order please contact Andrew or Dafydd on 01792 403895 or via email on sales@cheerswinemerchants.co.uk.

If you are around this beautiful part of the world, why not come and see us in West Cross, Swansea?

Timeline of our History: 1983 to Present

September 1983 – We acquired the lease on 132 West Cross Lane, it was previously a rundown DIY shop. After a rapid shopfit by myself with spur brackets and very basic shelving we opened to the public on a Saturday morning in October. I remember having worked non stop to get the shop ready to trade I was so tired that I overslept on the opening morning and was about 10 minutes late opening up, we had a queue of people waiting to come in!

1984 – The video rental market was at its peak in this year and we took over a library from an adjacent business that was closing, this brought many customers in to the shop each week for videos but also enabled us to tempt them with wine and beer offers, it worked a treat and very quickly we had a thriving business.

1984 to 1987 – Running the shop almost single handed for the first 2 years, most of my supplies came from cash and carry, Nurdin and Peacock in those days. We soon had accounts with Gilbey Vintners, Luc Lacerre from Cardiff and what was to become Boutinot, Harvey Prince. Winerite were another big supplier for many years until they were bought out by Palmer and Harvey. We are still dealing with Boutinot wines who are our largest wine supplier today!

We have from the start visited suppliers in their wineries, it was Gilbey’s who took me to the famous pink Chateau in Bordeaux, Chateau Loudenne in 1985 started our adventures, since then we have travelled extensively throughout Europe and more recently South America finding wines to sell.

It became very evident that people wanted deals, so right from the start we tried to offer the best value in all we sold, a policy we maintain today. When the supermarkets started to use wine and beers as their focus for price cuts and loss leaders we realised that trying to compete on branded wines was a struggle, and the quality of the wines was becoming variable! It was at this point we changed our direction and looked for wines from independent suppliers and small producers that offered top quality and good value.

We now only buy wines we have tried and tasted before, not just on price but also quality. We have now given up on all branded wine! No Gallo Wines or Jacobs Creek sorry!

My children have in their youth had part time jobs in the business but in 1998 all that was to change when I was very seriously injured in a surfing accident at Langland, Swansea. From being a part time shop assistant suddenly Dafydd my son who was 19, was now in charge! I was in hospital with extensive head injuries that left me unable to walk or talk and no use of my right hand. Dafydd picked up the reins immediately and now nearly 14 years on is a director of the business. Fortunately I have made a reasonable recovery and can now play an active role as well.

Going forward the website will play an increasingly important job in reaching new customers, we currently have a large database of regular customers both private and trade and this is an area we see growing in the future. Our pricing policy remains the same as ever, to offer excellent value for money and good service.

The second shop was opened in September 2010 in Mumbles and is establishing itself with both locals and the tourist trade which we do not get in West Cross, based on a similar layout but with custom built fixtures it looks absolutely splendid! In fact we have had so many compliments on the look I decided to refit West Cross in the same manner which we finished in January 2012, the original brackets I had put up nearly 30 years ago were still in place!

Here’s to the next 30 years, Cheers!

Director, Cheers Wine Merchants

Updated: 30/01/2012