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In 2007, Roger Corder wrote ‘The Wine Diet’, and explored why people in certain parts of the world live to be over 100 years of age.

His research led him to the South of France and a village called Madiran; home to the world’s healthiest red wine.

What is considered healthy about Madiran red wine?
Wines from the Madiran village were scientifically proven to have the highest possible concentration of antioxidants (procyanidins and resveratrol), compared to any other type of wine in the world.

These compounds have been scientifically proven to have numerous health benefits, most strongly, combating heart and cardiovascular diseases.

The French Paradox
Have you ever heard of ‘The French Paradox’?
It’s a well-researched phenomenon that refers to people who live in South West France who consume a diet high in saturated fats, yet have statistically fewer cases of death from coronary heart disease.

Studies show that this phenomenon may be due to the cardioprotective benefits of Madiran wine. France surpasses many countries in average life expectancy, and they live longer partly due to the common practice of drinking rustic red wine with meals.

Documentation shows that the French consume 2–3 glasses daily. The traditionally made wine reduces the unhealthy effects of high cholesterol foods common in their diet, including bread, cheese and rich desserts.

The Fountain of Youth - Domaine Laougoué
Corderer praised wine from the producer Domaine Laougoué because it contains four times the amount of procyanidins than an average glass of red wine (120 mg/L vs 30-40mg/L).

The wine’s heart-healthy properties come from the Tannat grape which, by law, must make up 60-80% of any wine bearing the Madiran appellation.

It has been the subject of scientific praise due to the phenolic compounds in its thick skins, as well as the techniques used to make the wine.


The Winemaking Process
The traditional production methods used in southwestern France ensure that the beneficial compounds (procyanidins) are efficiently extracted. This may explain the strong association between the consumption of traditional tannic wines with overall well-being, reflected in greater longevity.

Resveratrol is the other antioxidant that can play a key figure in keeping your heart healthy. According to the Mayo Clinic, resveratrol can help to prevent damage to blood vessels, reduce bad cholesterol and prevent blood clots which can help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

What to look for:
White wines have much less of these health benefits. Lighter red wines with no body score very poorly in polyphenol and procyanidin content. Red wines that have tannins extracted from the skins during winemaking that are generally m

Vine age: Look for ‘old-vine’ on the label (‘vieilles vignes’ on French labels). Older, established vines are generally better than younger vines.

Unfiltered wines: When wines are filtered or ‘fined’ the agents that are added damage to the procyanidin content. The back of the label may say ‘unfiltered and unfined’ meaning it is more natural in the way it’s made, so look for fuller-bodied, heavier style wines.

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Domaine Laougue Madiran

Tasting Notes:
Bright red in colour.
Fine, discreet nose with plenty of red fruit flavours and some spice. Soft and round entry with soft tannins.
Fresh with a delightful tart cherry backbone.

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Medical News Today -

Mayo Clinic:

While there are numerous health benefits of red wine, excessive consumption is not advised.

Please follow guidelines on alcohol consumption limits issued by the NHS and the government and any person with cardiac issues should discuss drinking with their GP or doctor first.