Familia Schroeder Saurus Pinot Noir Tardio 2016

The grapes for this Late Harvest Argentinean Pinot Noir were hand picked during the last weeks of April. 

Red-purple hues in the glass, giving floral aromas of violet along with red fruits, such as plums and cherries on the nose. Mineral notes, honey, tangerine and pollen in this unique wine shows in its structure and balance the character of the Patagonian terroir. 

Sweet temptation to enjoy as an aperitif or with dessert. 

Country Argentina
Region Patagonia
Grape Pinot Noir
ABV 16%
Vintage 2019
Size 50cl
Type / Colour Red
Sweet Red

1 Bottle
£21.95 £24.95
1 Bottle
£21.95 £24.95

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Why customers buy from Cheers

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