Marques de Riscal 150 Aniversario 2010

Marqués de Riscal 150 Aniversario 2010 is a wine with a very deep, dark cherry colour. It has a complex, toasted, balsamic aroma with spicy notes of black pepper and cinnamon. Unctuous mouth-feel, with good structure and great concentration of tannins, round, with a long, silky-smooth finish.

Marqués de Riscal 150 Aniversario 2010 has been produced to meet the quality standards of a Gran Reserva. It has a very typical Rioja Alavesa style. It is vigorous and vibrant, always more powerful than the rest of the classic Riojas, making no concessions to fads and trends, preserving its elegance. To achieve this, Riscal uses grapes from old vines over 80 years old, either grown in our own vineyards or bought in from growers in the Rioja Alavesa district with whom they enjoy a long relationship, in some cases even going back several generations.

After passing over the manual selection tables so as to remove any grapes which are not totally healthy and ripe, alcoholic fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of no more than 26ºC, spending 14 days in the vat. Once the blend has been decided for this special type of wine, cask-ageing begins in French-oak casks and continues for 32 months, before bottling and ageing for a further 3 years, thus completing the process of ageing and refining of its tannins so as to achieve a rounded wine which is at the same time powerful yet easy to drink.

This wine pairs well with ham, mature cheeses, red meat, all kinds of roasts and game casseroles.

Country Spain
Region Rioja
Grape Tempranillo, Otras
ABV 14.5%
Vintage 2010
Size 75cl
Type / Colour Red
Style Full Bodied

1 Bottle
1 Bottle

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