Pothecary Sicilian Blend Gin

A limited edition release from the Pothecary Gin folks in Dorset, made with Sicilian lemon, Sicilian orange and Sicilian almond, along with Bulgarian juniper and wild-foraged gentian root. It also features the Sicilian Coat of Arms on the label (which looks a little bit like the Isle of Man Coat of Arms). Only 982 bottles were produced.

Refined juniper and subtle nuttiness from the almond - almost a little bit toasted at points. Refreshing citrus peel gives it a balancing sweetness.


Country England
Region Dorset
ABV 47%
Size 50cl
Type / Colour Gin
Style Sicilian Blend

1 Bottle
1 Bottle

Why customers buy from Cheers

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Why customers buy from Cheers

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