Lallier Champagne - The art of drinking well - History, Processes & Uniqueness

Lallier is one of the finest champagne producers in France and in the following article, we look at the history, process and uniqueness of this brand and why their champagnes are some of the best in the world.


Aÿ: a prestigious, thousand-year-old grand cru vineyard

Aÿ's winemaking history dates back almost 1,700 years to the Roman era. In the 16th century, Henry IV," His Majesty of Aÿ and good wine", created the reputation of still white wines from Aÿ throughout his kingdom.

Around two hundred years later, the invention of blending, and the control of secondary fermentation in bottle, gave birth to Champagne, the sparkling wine that we know today.


1906: The birth of a prestigious brand

The first bottle labels signed by Champagne LALLIER date back to 1906, when the Champagne house was founded by René LALLIER (1861 – 1938), who had married into a prestigious Champenois family.

LALLIER has been deeply rooted in the village of Aÿ ever since. The shield that proudly adorns its labels symbolises the historical roots of the Lallier name.


An exceptional terroir

In 1936, Aÿ was one of the seventeen villages to be classified as "Grand Cru" in Champagne, a clear indication of the quality of the grapes that grow on its famous hillsides and the remarkable wines they produce.


High-quality standards and a limited production

LALLIER produces highly expressive Champagnes with its own unique and distinctive style. Production levels are voluntarily limited to around 400,000 bottles per year due to its exacting quality demands during the selection of raw materials and throughout all stages of production.

In order to produce Champagnes of exceptional quality, LALLIER only vinifies the highest quality grape varieties: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


Precision and finesse 

LALLIER's style is built on precision, finesse and balance in order to provide ultimate drinking enjoyment. Each Champagne reflects its true personality. On the nose and on the palate, the champagnes are open, generous and complex, with a texture which is often referred to as creamy and indulgent.

This is why our champagnes are so well-suited to gastronomy. The house style has a natural elegance. It's about a sensation and a culmination, a beginning and an end, a mystery that words cannot express. Our Champagnes have all that is required to create a moment of pure drinking pleasure.

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